Esplanade Concert Hall
Republic of Singapore

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The Concert Hall is one of two primary venues within a Esplanade harborfront complex which serves as the national arts center of Singapore. The 1800-seat Concert Hall is designed in a capsule form, with a large coupled volume reverberation chamber surrounding much of the primary hall. The doors/connections to the coupled volume are visually masked by a large timber screen element, while sound is able to transfer freely between the primary inner hall volume and the coupled reverberant volume. The design of the hall included robust physical acoustic modeling and computer modeling efforts. The physical acoustic modeling was accomplished with the assistance of the Department of Architecture at the University of Florida. Both the Concert Hall and adjacent Opera House are also physically isolated from the ground and each other on custom building isolation pads.      

Architects : Michael Wilford Partners - London, with DP Architects - Singapore [2001]
Acoustic Design : ARTEC Consultants [now part of ARUP Acoustics] 

[acoustic design development, screen design, orchestra riser design, physical acoustic modeling & analysis, coupled volume design, initial construction review]