Master of Architecture [M.Arch]
Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape & Design
University of Toronto

Design Thesis : Temporal Space - Sound as a space-making device for music performance

Graduate Coursework in Acoustics
The Pennsylvania State University
State College, Pennsylvania

Psycho-Acoustics & Human Perception
Noise Control

Bachelor of Science in Engineering [B.S.E] - Summa Cum Laude
College of Engineering + The Hartt School of Music
University of Hartford

Major : Acoustics & Music [Piano] : a unique, interdisciplinary major between mechanical engineering and music
Minor : Mathematics


Professor of Acoustics
Graduate Program in Acoustics, Recording Arts and Sciences
Peabody Institute
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, Maryland

At Peabody, I lead the Acoustical Studies program at the graduate level, and teach various courses in architectural acoustics design and analysis, measurement, modeling, noise control and psychoacoustics, as well as graduate thesis advising and research.

Associate Professor of Architecture
Assistant Professor of Architecture
Chair, Department of Architecture  [2014-present] 
Assistant Chair for Undergraduate Programs  
School of Art, Design & Architecture
Judson University
Elgin, Illinois

courses taught [at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, leading to a NAAB-accredited M.Arch] :

▫ ARC 322 : Construction Technology : Systems + Methods II
▫ ARC 341 : Theories of Architectural Structures
▫ ARC 351 : Intermediate Architectural Design Studio
▫ ARC 352 : Elective Architectural Design Studio
▫ ENG 378 : *The Dramatic Experience : theater as literature; theater as performance; theater as space
▫ ARC 381 : Architectural Study Tour [4-wk field sketching + watercolor course in Europe, 2009, 2012 & 2014]
▫ ARC 421 : Environmental Technology II : Acoustics & Lighting
▫ ARC 451 : Integrative Architecture Design Studio I
▫ ARC 462 : Preceptorship Preparation
▫ ARC 488 : Undergraduate Directed Research : The Impact of the Concert Hall on the 19th Century City

▫ ARC 575 : Graduate Community Design Studio
▫ ARC 625 : Advanced Architectural Acoustics + Performing Arts Design
▫ ARC 652 : Graduate Architecture + Urbanism Studio
▫ ARC 681 : Graduate Architectural Thesis I – Primary + Secondary Advisor
▫ ARC 682 : Graduate Architectural Thesis II – Primary + Secondary Advisor
▫ ARC 688 : Graduate Directed Research : Advanced Parametric Modeling

    *an interdisciplinary liberal arts elective inspecting and experiencing various perspectives on theater
     co-authored and co-taught by me with a Shakespeare professor and a theater professor. 

Graduate Teaching Assistant - Environmental Systems : HVAC, Acoustics & Illumination
Faculty of Architecture, Landscape & Design
University of Toronto 

Visiting Instructor - The Acoustics of Performance Spaces
Columbia College Chicago

Teaching Assistant - College Physics I + II
University of Hartford


Architect, Acoustic Designer + Performing Arts Consultant  [freelance] 
Chicago ▫ New York ▫ Baltimore   

Architectural Designer + Performing Arts Specialist
Westlake Reed Leskosky Architects* [now DLR Group]
Cleveland ▫ Phoenix ▫ Washington DC

* ranked first in the "Top 50 firms in the United States," by ARCHITECT Magazine, August 2014

[1998-2004 & 2010-2011]
Architectural Acoustics Designer
The Talaske Group, Inc.  [now TALASKE | Sound Thinking]
Oak Park, Illinois 

Architectural Acoustics Designer
Artec Consultants, Inc. [now part of ARUP Acoustics]
New York, New York 


▫ Full Professional Member : Royal Architectural Institute of Canada [RAIC]
▫ Full Professional Member : American Institute of Architects [AIA]
      Member of the Committee on on Design for Education
Member of the Committee on the Environment
▫ Full Professional Member : Acoustical Society of America [ASA]
        Active member of the Technical Committee on Architectural Acoustics
Technical Program Organizer in Architectural Acoustics, 2015-2018
▫ Individual Member : Design Communication Association [DCA]
▫ Individual Member : Theatre Communications Group [TCG]
▫ Individual Member : United States Institute of Theatre Technology [USITT]
▫ Individual Member : Christians in the Visual Arts [CIVA]
▫ Individual Member : Society of Building Science Educators [SBSE]
▫ Individual Member : Building Technology Educators’ Society [BTES]
▫ Individual Member : Architecture, Culture & Spirituality Forum [ACS]


▫ Registered Architect in the State of Ohio
▫ NCARB Certified, for transportability to addtional US states and Canadian provinces



Halls for Music Performance: Another Two Decades of Experience - 1982-2002.
Published by the Acoustical Society of America, November 2003.
Printed by the University of Toronto Press [320 pgs. Hardcover. Color]
Ian Hoffman, Christopher Storch, Timothy Foulkes [Editors]. 


Concert Hall at a Crossroads?
Published in MONDO design magazine [July/August 2011].
Mondiale Publications Ltd, London
Byron Harrison and Ian Hoffman.  


PODCAST : Incorporating Contemporary Sound in Historic Spaces
PreserveCast No-88 [September 2018].
Interview by Nicolas Redding, CEO or Preservation Maryland  



“Parametric Design Applications in Architectural Acoustics : Generation and optimization  
     of reflective surfaces for specific source/receiver combinations”
171st Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America – Salt Lake City, May 2016
Marcus Mayell & Ian Hoffman  (Invited Paper)

“Understanding the Role of Direction in Thrust and In-the-round Theater Spaces”
2nd Pan-American / Iberian Congress on Acoustics – Cancun, November 2010
Ian Hoffman, Rick Talaske & Byron Harrison  (Invited Paper)

“The Adaptation of a Vaudeville Theatre into a 21st Century Multi-purpose Venue”
143st Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America – Pittsburgh, June 2002
Ian Hoffman, Rick Talaske (Invited Paper)

“An Experiment in the Use of Resilient Materials in Orchestra Riser Design - Part I”
141st Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America – Chicago, June 2001
Ian Hoffman, Rick Talaske, Byron Harrison (Invited Paper)


Architecture for Performance + Purpose  [Lecture]
College of Architecture, Visual Art & Design
California Baptist Univeristy
Riverside, California [2017]

Prospects for an Evolving Profession  [Lecture+Panelist]
AIAS-Forum 2013, Moderated by Blair Kamin, Architecture Critic - Chicago Tribune
AIAS National Conference, hosted by Illinois Institute of Technology
Chicago, Illinois [2013]

The Future of Design Education in an Era of Integration & Technology  [Lecture+Panelist]
Chicago Design Education Symposium
Hosted by School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Chicago, Illinois [2013]

Music Halls : Origins, Anatomy & Trajectories  [Lecture]
Illinois Institute of Technology [IIT], College of Architecture
Chicago, Illinois [2012]

The Past and Future of Concert Halls as Cultural, Architectural and Acoustic Spaces  [Lecture]
Virginia Tech, Center for European Studies in Architecture
Riva San Vitale, Switzerland [2009]

The Spatial Qualities of Sound in Building Form-making  [Lecture]
Virginia Tech, College of Architecture and Urban Studies.
Blacksburg, Virginia [2009]


California Baptist University, College of Architecture, Visual Art & Design : visiting studio critic.
Riverside, California  [Feb 2017 & Feb 2018]

University College Dublin [UCD] College of Architecture : mid-term design reviews.
Dublin, Ireland  [Mar 2015]

Architectural Institute in Prague [ARCHIP] : vertical mid-term design reviews.
Prague, Czech Republic  [Mar 2015]

California Baptist University, College of Architecture, Visual Arts & Design : final design reviews.
Riverside, California  [Dec 2014]

Illinois Institute of Technology [IIT] College of Architecture : graduate design reviews.
Chicago, Illinois  [Fall 2012]

UW-Milwaukee, School of Architecture, second year : final design reviews.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin  [Dec 2010 & May 2011]

Virginia Tech, Center for European Studies in Architecture : final design reviews.
Riva San Vitale, Switzerland  [2009]

Virginia Tech, College of Architecture and Urban Studies : thesis design reviews.
Blacksburg, Virginia  [2009]

Kent State University : graduate design reviews.
Urban Design Center - Cleveland, Ohio  [2007]


Ross Pavilion Competition [short-listed proposal]
Edinburgh, Scotland [2017]
In collaboration with Charcoalblue - London & Bjark Ingalls Group [BIG] - Copenhagen

Outdoor Music Pavilion Competition
Trois-Rivière, Québec [2010]
In collaboration with Open Form Architects – Montréal

Beirut House of Arts & Culture
Beirut, Lebanon [2009]
In collaboration with Khoury Levit Fong Architects – Toronto


Session Co-Chair, Architectural Acoustics : Absorption, Diffusion, and Insulation
hosted by the ASA Committee on Architectural Acoustics.
176th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and Acoustics Week Canada [Victoria, November 2018]

Session Co-Chair, Architectural Acoustics : Measurements, Perceptions and Metrics
hosted by the ASA Committee on Architectural Acoustics.
175th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America [Minneapolis, May 2018]

Session Chair, Topics in Architectural Acoustics Measurements, Parts I & II
hosted by the ASA Committee on Architectural Acoustics, Acoustics ‘17
Combined meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and European Acoustical Association
[Boston, June 2017]

Session Co-Chair, Topics in Architectural Acoustics : Measurements, Modeling and Isolation
hosted by the ASA Committee on Architectural Acoustics.
174th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America [New Orleans, December 2017]

Peer Paper Reviewer, Cities, Buildings & People : Towards Regenerative Environments.  
Passive and Low Energy Architecture [PLEA 2016] Conference. 
[Los Angeles, July 2016]

Session Chair, Advances in Generative and Parametric Applications in Architectural Acoustics
hosted by the ASA Committee on Architectural Acoustics.
171st Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America  [Salt Lake City, May 2016]

Technical Program Organizer, representing the Technical Committee on Architectural Acoustics
for all meetings of the Acoustical Society of America, 2015-2018.

Symposium Organizer, Judson Architecture Practice Symposium.
hosted by the Judson University Department of Architecture  [2013]

Co-Organizer, Chicago Architecture Tour : Chicago Loop and Millennium Park
Christians in the Visual Arts, Biennial Conference  [Chicago, June 2013]

Session Chair, Biggest Mistakes: Lessons for Practitioners, Researchers and Young Designers,
hosted by the ASA Committee on Architectural Acoustics.
158th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America  [San Antonio, October 2009]

Chair of the Spaces for Performance session at the Architecture | Music | Acoustics conference,
hosted by Ryerson University  [Toronto, June 2006]
Part of the international soundAXIS festival.


Co-Chair, Robert Bradford Newman Fund for Education in Acoustics
Invited Fund Advisor [2016-] and Co-Chair [2018-2021] for this small foundation for Education in Acoustics, recognizing excellence in students and teachers.

Professional Architecture Advisory Board Member
CBA Architects [since 2016]
Wheaton, Illinois


Fulbright Grant Finalist
Finalist and First Alternate for a U.S. Department of State Fulbright Grant to conduct Room Acoustics research and graduate study at Chalmers University in Sweden.

John G. Martin Award Finalist
Finalist for the 1995 John G. Martin Award, administered by the University of Hartford, to conduct graduate study in Physics and Philosophy at Hertford College, Oxford University.

Graduate Awards
University of Toronto Fellowship
John Yamada Memorial Scholarship
Building Science Award


[Johns Hopkins University]
▫ Co-Chair, Curriculum and Assessment Committee  [2017-present]
▫ New Media Planning & Formation Committee  [2016-2017]
▫ Information Technology Services Advisory Committee  [2016-present]

[Judson University]
▫ Department Chair  [2014-present]
Assistant Chair for Undergraduate Programs  [2010-2014]
▫ Architecture Faculty Excellence Award  [2012-2013]
▫ Planner/Coordinator of the Fall Practice Symposium  [2013]
▫ Study Abroad Coordinator  [2010-2014]

▫ Lecture Series Coordinator  [2009-2014]

▫ Graduate Academic Policies Committee  [2014-2016]
▫ Faculty Moderator, for full Faculty Assembly  [2011-2012]
▫ University Faculty Merit Award  [2009-2010]
Chair, Faculty Compensation Study Committee  [2011-2014]
Chair, Space Utilization Committee  [2009-2011]
▫ President’s Advisory Committee  [2010-2012]