New Jersey Performing Arts Center
Newark, New Jersey

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The New Jersey Performing Arts Center is a multi-venue facility, constructed as a part of the greater urban revitalization of Newark. Prudential Hall, the primary venue, is a 2800-seat multi-purpose concert theater, designed for large touring theatrical productions, dance, opera, and to serve as the primary home of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra. Notable design features include a fully custom concert enclosure, adjustable acoustic banners, and a two-part downstage lift system. The lifts may be set to expand the forestage, expand audience seating, or to provide a small or large recessed orchestra pit. The 500-seat Victoria Theater is the smaller venue, suitable for spoken-word proscenium theater events and smaller recitals.

Architect : Barton Myers Associates [1997]
Acoustic Design : ARTEC Consultants [now part of ARUP Acoustics]

[acoustic design detailing, on-site construction administration and commissioning]