This is a personal website, serving no commercial endeavor or ambition. It is constructed to document the breadth and variety of my work, experiences and ideas. As such, my own creative work is included, as well as some work of my students, and images and references to architectural projects on which I served in a significant design role, either as architect or acoustic design consultant.  

The scale and scope of the building projects that I have been fortunate to contribute to require teams of individuals to realize. By citing projects from my professional life in acoustic design and architecture, I do not claim design credit or creative ownership. My work on these projects belongs to the firms of my employment, as noted, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated. By citing these projects, however, I do claim significant design engagement and project direction such that none of these projects would be realized as it is without my creative energy and design influence. Understandably, others played essential roles as well. Photo credits are included, where available.